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Physique Reality is dedicated to the unique personal expression of each member's ideal physique. This is an individual vision that each of us has in our minds. Some may want high levels of muscularity while other prefer a more streamlined athletic appearance.
There is no wrong vision. The goal of this site is to help steer each individual toward achieving their ideal physique as reality!

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I need your help!

I need your help!
I'm always looking for feedback. Please let me know if you have and questions, ideas for new articles, or any other suggestions on how I can help you turn your ideal physique into reality.

Latest Video Update

I wanted to post this video to show two things.  The first is the dumbbell hooks that I’m using.  They are called Power Hooks and they allow you to rack your dumbbells on a standard olympic bar.  If you’ve done pressing work with heavy dumbbells, you’ll understand when I say that getting the dumbbells from the floor to your shoulders is sometimes more work than the set itself.  These hooks are a great tool and relatively inexpensive.  Highly recommended.

You can’t see the olympic bar in the video, but it is simply on the hooks in the cage.  Here’s a photo of how they attach to the bar:


The second purpose of the video is to show a lifting technique called muscle rounds.  These can be preformed a couple of ways.  The way I’m doing them in this video is based on Scott Stevenson’s Fortitude Training program.  Basically you choose a weight you can handle for about 8 reps.  Unrack and preform 4 reps.  Rack the weight and take 5 deep breadths.  Then, proceed to do five more sets.  On the sixth set do as many reps as possible.  If you chose the correct weight, you will get 3 to 5 reps (I got 8 reps on the last set, so I started to low.)  The next time you do the exercise the goal is to get at least one more rep or increase the load.



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Check out the new article "Cholesterol Misconceptions" in the nutrition area.

New video posted: 1-RMs for the week of Nov. 4, 2013

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Comming Soon ...

Comming Soon ...
I'll be posting my training program along with current 1-RMs for the major lifts.

I got a microphone and tripod for my iPhone. A new video update will be out soon. Not sure what the topic will be -- I'm open to suggestions.

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To make things easy I have you guys on almost the same plan. The exception is that MJ gets some junk food in the evening (sorry Alexis):

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  1. Day One in the books. Enjoyed my meals today , felt perfectly full, plenty of energy pre and post workout ; and for mostly only vegetables and protein everything was tasty. Looking forward to starting strength tomorrow to see how it goes.

    I posted a picture of my main meals today on a Facebook comment.

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